Dealers in : Imported African Teak, Padauk, Burma Teak, Ply Woods, Glass, Hardware etc.,
Maheswari timbers

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Timber products are widely used in furniture, picture frames, models, framing of houses, external cladding, joinery in traditional construction, interior design, major decorative element, Timber / wood flooring, timber wall panelling, solid or timber veneer doors, skirtings, moldings, window joinery kitchen joinery, course furniture, cabinet makers and carpenters , Timber flooring, furniture manufacture, cabinetmaking and interior joinery, Exterior joinery & construction, boatbuilding, Landscaping & heavy construction. All the leading architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects are our longstanding customers because of the quality of the wood products and the price we offer.

It is one of the largest Importer of Timber logs in South India, having and own saw mill for cutting round logs and selling Timber round logs and sawn sizes. The factory is situated at Kolathur - Chennai , equipped with modern technology and machineries